New Girls EYBL Program in Philly?

Nike became the first circuit to post a team list today officially on the internet with their new site “The Season Ticket” which seems to be the third party website operator for the Nike Girls EYBL. On the new Nike Girls EYBL Map CLICK HERE no longer has a club in Philadelphia on the league map. There had been many rumors swirling around the status of the Girls EYBL programs in the Philadelphia area this fall. These rumors seem to have some truth as there no longer is any club listed on the Nike Girls EYBL website. Originally we thought that Books and Basketball’s move to Team Final (a boys EYBL program) was directly tied to the moves in the region with the EYBL but they do not appear on the official team list either.

The New Jersey Sparks (New Jersey EYBL Team) took it a step further to welcoming “Philly Rise” to the EYBL in this Tweet – CLICK HERE .

On the club which was in the Philadelphia area and in the EYBL previously website the program is touted as the “first and top girls basketball program”. On that program’s website the EYBL logo is still prominently displayed today. The program according to their site were established in 1976 and are said to have over 4,200 club victories. On the event front it gets more interesting the program had a resurgence due to the addition of an elite individual camp where the program gained access through the event to pick up some of the best players in the country. Needless to say there had been rumblings for sometime but today start the beginning of those questions and how it will impact the landscape of club basketball this year and beyond.

What do you think?

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