Jr All Star Class of 2021 National Ranking Release

What a strange year for the class of 2021 from navigating through a pandemic to not having any live viewing and a huge portion of the country not having a high school season it has been especially hard to evaluate the prospects in the 2021 class.

We take our first dive into the national ranking scene. Currently – ESPN (PBR); ASGR; Prospects Nation; and Prep Girls Hoops all publish a national Top 100 and now new to the scene is Jr All-Star.

What is different about us?

We literally took all of the input for these rankings from club coaches, high school coaches, and college coaches. While that doesn’t make us any better or worse than any of the esteemed lists above it just makes us different. Our mission to grow girls basketball through relationships with club, high school, and college coaches gives us a different lens and really an opportunity to recognize some players which others have not. 

For the 2021 players on this list – you made it through the most difficult 12 months of basketball and now move on to a college landscape very different than ever before. Essentially the 2021 and 2020 classes are now one and every player in college gets an additional year of eligibility. Lets see how this impacts the transition of 2021 prospects into the college game and their ability to succeed right away which we know is already very difficult. 

Eventually some of this content will become premium so feel free to get in on the ground level now and buy a subscription to support the work we are doing here and for the people who’ve given so much to this sport and game. 

We polled several grassroots basketball influencers to ask them their take on the 2021 class which we will be releasing soon. The survey we pushed to them can be found here – feel free to give your input. Simple but gives you a deep dive into multiple opinions on players and the grassroots landscape. What you think and the people involved in this game matters more and what we think matters less getting that input from you and the people in the know is what people want to read, not one agenda or opinion in isolation. 

We plan on getting out a 2022 list around the new year and posting 2023 and 2024 in January – February and building a 2025 and 2026 watch list for an early spring release. Who should be ranked? Who are we missing? Please let us know! 

We love feedback if you have any feedback on the ranks how great they are or how terrible we would love to hear it. If you know way more than us let us know how we can get better, but first and foremost thanks for visiting the fastest growing, most influential, and most committed grassroots girls basketball site on the internet. – Happy Holidays. 

Disclaimer – Our National Rankings may not always match our rankings within each state. The National Rankings are done by a larger committee, and there may also be timing differences in the updates.

Click Here for the JAS150 2021 Rankings 

What do you think?

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