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Kenny Kallina’s Top 150 17U Club Teams of 2021 (#1-#40)

Nothing has had a greater impact on club teams than the COVID-19 pandemic. What we saw this year is that many of these elite clubs are still elite. As I have been tracking this on various platforms, I have been the only consistent media person to rank the Top 100 Club teams nationally. Luckily this is always one of the most read and most hated articles each year. The bottom line is no one is ranked as high as they think they should be so its intriguing and brings out a variety of emotions. Here we go with our 2021 list.

NOTE – We are ONLY considering what happened in July for Live Viewing. So, save your arguments for things which didn’t happen during live viewing. Let’s also talk about this is a ranking of where teams finished, not who won a game on July 9th of a team ranked ahead of them; it’s about where did they finish the summer or if they were independent where did they finish within each event they played in in July. Our first installment will highlight the top 40 teams and we will follow up with the next later this week.

Update: Part 2 is here:

1.       Sports City U (Independent)

2.       California Stars (EYBL)

3.       FBC the Family (UAA)

4.       San Antonio’s Finest (Adidas)

5.       Minnesota Fury (UAA)

6.       FBC United (UAA)

7.       Cy Fair (EYBL)

8.       Wisconsin Flight (UAA)

9.       Jason Kidd Select (Independent)

10.   Arkansas Mavericks (Independent)

11.   Philly Rise (EYBL)

12.   Metro Stars (Adidas)

13.   Team Lex (Adidas)

14.   New Heights (Independent)

15.   Mass Rivals (Adidas)

16.   Comets (PA) (UAA)

17.   Carolina Flames (EYBL)

18.   Arkansas Select (UAA)

19.   Michigan Basketball Academy (UAA)

20.   Missouri Phenom (EYBL)

21.   Exodus (EYBL)

22.   Arizona Elite (UAA)

23.   West Virginia Thunder (UAA)

24.   FGB (UAA)

25.   Michigan Crossover (EYBL)

26.   Example Sports (UAA)

27.   Team Taurasi Cal Storm (EYBL)

28.   All Iowa Attack (EYBL)

29.   Midwest Elite (EYBL)

30.   Alabama Southern Starz (EYBL)

31.   Team Takeover (EYBL)

32.   North Tartan (EYBL)

33.   Nebraska Attack (UAA)

34.   Books and Basketball (UAA)

35.   Team Curry (UAA)

36.   Essence (EYBL)

37.   Tennessee Flight (EYBL)

38.   Tree of Hope (EYBL)

39.   Become One (UAA)

40.   Team B Wright (UAA)

View 41-150 here:

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